Snacking vs. Grazing: Where’s the line?

During an interview with Ismini Soteropoulos, MS, RD, LDN, a registered dietician at BI-Lahey Healthcare’s Lifestyle Health Program, we learn there’s actually a line between snacking and grazing.

So the good news … there’s nothing wrong with having a snack if you need one or want one. It’s only a problem when snacking becomes frequent and unplanned. Important points to remember about snacking:

1. Don’t skip meal or replace them with snacks. Be sure to eat three nutritious meals during the day – spaced about four hours apart.

2. If you need or want a snack, that’s ok. If you’re snacking less than two hours after you finished your last meal – then it’s probably a bit too early, too soon! Try spacing your snack and meal about two hours apart.

3. Making protein part of your snack will go a long way in feeling satisfied. I mean, whoever is satisfied after a serving a potato chips?

4. Eliminate or hide your trigger foods. You know the ones … they’re the “once-I-start-I-can’t-stop” treats.

5. Make healthier choices available – the snacks that taste good AND you have a sense of control over them.

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