Physician-led Groups

Dr. Vani Prabhakar, Board Certified Endocrinologist and Obesity Medicine Specialist will lead each group. Yes, you will have full access to a physician who'll show you how a weight-centric approach to PCOS can minimize many unwanted symptoms. 

4-Week Jump Start 

  • Understanding PCOS & insulin resistance
  • Evaluating FDA approved medication options
  • Learn about impacts of Lifestyle on PCOS
  • Educate yourself about metabolic aspects of PCOS and focus on risk reduction.

 We've built a community of folks taking charge of PCOS.  Come learn the mindset and mastery steps needed to stay on a healthy track.

New session is to be announced.

Sessions are held virtually via zoom 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Reserve your spot. 

Most insurances accepted. Co-pays may apply.