Type 2 Diabetes class 

 4 weekly sessions | from 12pm - 1pm (Virtually)

CARES program for Type 2 Diabetes 

The team at Lifestyle health wants to help you gain control of your Type 2 Diabetes - with our newest program. 

C- Caring for yourself with Diabetes. 

A- Awareness about your Diabetes and what you can do about it. 

R- Resources about lifestyle management that lower blood sugar. 

E- Empower and educate yourself to make strategic changes to improve diabetes. 

S- Science and research exploration about how to control your Diabetes. 

Dr. Vani Prabhakar - board certified Endocrinologist and Obesity medicine specialist will conduct the group sessions with Cara Giacco our registered Dietician . 4 Interactive group sessions over 4 weeks  provide a supportive platform with our unique lifestyle health focus along with patient centered education on the science and research about your Type 2 Diabetes.  

We look forward to seeing you very soon in our CARES program for Type 2 Diabetes.

Reserve your spot and register for the next session!

Once the date is confirmed, we will announce it.

Facilitated by Dr. Prabhakar & Cara Giacco, R.D.