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5 Simple Ways to Avoid Quarantine Weight Gain

weight loss Apr 23, 2020
1. Pack meals AND snacks ahead of time
Even though you are working from home, pack yourself a lunch box of your meals and snacks the night before. This will reduce temptations, save time, and help you stay on track. Plus, when you go back to work, you will have this habit ready to go!
2. Avoid an increase in alcohol intake
In fact, reduce or eliminate your alcohol intake. Alcohol adds calories, but it can also lower our inhibition and cause us to snack more. With the crackers and cheese just steps away, it is hard to resist these temptations after a glass of wine. Instead, relax with a cup of a fun flavored tea. Or try drinking sparkling water out of a wine glass if you have the urge for a cocktail. Trust me!
3. Skip the carb at dinner time
At night, our bodies are not as insulin-sensitive, which means we are not as good at bringing down our blood sugars after a meal. Focus on a dinner that has lots of veggies and a good source of lean protein. We burn 2.5 times MORE calories during the day. So have a nice filling breakfast and lunch, and go light on dinner.
4. Keep a Food Log
Whether you write it out by hand or use an app like MyFitnessPal, keeping a food log is a great way to maintain accountability and awareness to your eating habits. It will also be helpful to review it with your Dietitian during telehealth visits.
5. Exercise
Now is a great time to focus on exercise goals even though the gym is closed. See more on there here!