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weight loss May 12, 2020
These day we might find ourselves indulging with a glass of wine or a cocktail at the end of the night as we socialize with our friends over a zoom call, relax in front of the fire pit or while catching up on one of our favorite shows.
Drinking excess calories can easily lead to unintentional weight gain along with triggering some unwanted snacking.
Wine: 5 ounce glass is about 120- 130 calories
This may trigger you to eat some cheese and crackers.
Mixed drinks: mojito is about 220 calories
This may trigger you for some pistachios or something sweet.
Frozen drink: margarita 270 plus calories
This may lead to some interest in having chips + salsa.
Beer: 12 fluid ounces is about 150 plus calories
This may lead to some indulging in your favorite comfort snacks + foods
Indulging in moderation and on occasion to celebrate with alcohol can be accomplished when coordinated into your diet plan.
But, if you are noticing that your alcohol consumption has been more than normal, focus on on a intervention plan with your provider, such as:
  • cutting your frequency down. Instead of a glass of wine every night, start to have it every other
  • focus on your portion. Are you really only having 5 ounces?
  • do not drink beverages with added sugars, chose lower calorie options
Set a goal to work on your intake. Whether you start with a small goal or want to make a bigger change by eliminating, you should focus on something that is realistic to you and also for your long term health goals.