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Guide to Healthy Holiday Eating

weight loss Nov 22, 2022

Going into the holidays can be overwhelming due to multiple temptations and guilt surrounding food and beverages.

trying to have a plan going into the holiday season will allow you to enjoy while maintaining your health.

Here are some helpful tips so you are able to celebrate all the holiday season has to offer and stay healthy through the process.

Tips & Tricks

Start the day in a mindful way. Get your body moving by going on a walk, doing some yoga or have a morning workout to get your blood circulating and encourage a clear mind. You will be able to handle the business of the day more calmly and the massive selection of food more mindfully. 

Stay hydrated. Adequate water intake is essential for promoting good digestion, energy levels, circulation, focus, improved metabolism and transporting nutrients. All of these play a role in building a strong body. Water also plays a role in regulating your appetite.

Check in with your hunger-practice mindful eating. Ask yourself where your hunger levels are before you start eating and continue to check throughout the meal to prevent overindulging and excessive fullness.

Be mindful of the plate method. Fill half your plate with non-starchy vegetables such as green beans, brussels sprouts, or asparagus. The other half of your plate should include a quarter protein (turkey, meatballs, ham, roast beef, etc) and the other quarter filled with starchy carbohydrates (potato, squash, stuffing, lasagna, pasta, etc).

Plan ahead. Never go into a holiday or social event hungry. Plan ahead and have consistent, balanced meals throughout the day. Try to get away from the "save up my calories" mindset going into a high temptation environment. If you skip meals before an event you will be VERY hungry and be more likely to overeat!