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Six Steps to Control Emotional Eating

wellness Apr 07, 2020
There’s no doubt these times of social isolation and uncertainty have caused immeasurable amounts of stress for everyone across the globe. Never has Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs rang more true.
1. Physiological Needs
2. Safety Needs
3. Love & Social Belonging
4. Self-Esteem
5. Self- Actualization
We owe many thanks to our essential workers helping us get the basics we need while we collectively do our part to ensure the safety of ourselves and each other. Technology and all it’s free apps are easing the divide between friends and loved ones. I have to think of myself as lucky, considering the circumstances we are in, that all of this help is available.
All this stress, fear, anxiety … they are all useful. Yes. They ARE useful! These feelings and emotions are the little (or sometimes big) messages that we need to do something to ensure our needs are met. How we think about our circumstances can make all the difference in the way we respond.
We all have our own, unique ways in which we process and respond to our internal and external environments. The My Hungry Head® program offers six mindsets and mastery steps to help us manage our internal and external environments that lead to stress eating.
Check out the video to learn more.